Friday, December 11, 2009

Is JSR294 Active or Inactive?

I was surprised to find out that JSR 294 was marked inactive (here). Is it really inactive? It depends on who you ask. From Alex Buckley email for JSR 294 mail list, 294 is still alive:

The PMO has a new rule: a JSR that doesn't produce an EDR for 18 months is marked inactive. Nothing else happens, just the marker.

Officially, 294's last EDR was December 2007. However, as per the agreement with 277 and 294 EG members in December 2008, 294 was revived ain January 2009.

Materials for an EDR were presented privately to the 294 EG in June 2009. You and BJ sent useful comments. Just about the time I was ready to file the EDR, the Simple Module System proposal showed up. I can only imagine the complaints had I proceeded with the EDR at that time.

So, I will file an EDR this month based on the materials from June, along the following lines:

- Module accessibility is a JLS concept; runtime module is a JVMS concept.

- Module compilation unit is a JLS concept; it defines a module name + version; it is annotatable; its contents are implementation-defined.

- java.* APIs are limited to representing runtime modules and (the runtime form of) module compilation units.

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