Monday, February 9, 2009

On innovation within comfort zones

This is brilliant!!! Perfect example of why innovation happens elsewhere!

That huge process chart on a wall is classic!

All too often technology/hi-tech companies succumb to a top heavy bureaucratic management. Everyone is comfortable, paid well, got a well lubricated 401k. Why rock the boat? Because that well lubricated job will go by a way of a dodo bird if your organization stops to innovate. There is simply no chance that any single product can continue to monopolize the market in a day of open source and web everywhere. A pimpled faced kid working from his dorm room can single handed revolutionize a way any problem is solved or approached. Examples are abound! Napster, Microsoft (in early days), Google, Apple, Linux, many many others. There can't be a lull, no time to milk a product, no time to rest. That is why rocking the boat is good and much needed practice.