Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SpringOne Keynote

I am at SpringOne in Florida. As always it is nice to be out of the cold and in a nice hotel. Food is good, content is great. Good times.

Now for some news. Rod Johnson did an opening night keynote. Very informative and nicely presented as always. Major take away: SpringSource stands for "Creative destruction of complexity" and Spring Framework provides "Weapons for the war on Java complexity". So now you are warned!

I will not try to reproduce it all. Here and here have a great write-up already.

Biggest announcement has to be a new tc Server. Basically Tomcat with integrated AMS and great management console. That should open up a number of doors for SpringSource. I have been in a number of engagement where BEA and IBM servers were used only because they provided a much better operational environment. Will be interesting to see what SpringSource guys will come up with next.

At Philadelphia Spring User Group we will be doing a SpringOne redux on December 10th. So if you in the area come check it out. We will cover all of the announcements and happenings. phillyspring.org for information.