Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great thought

From Why Scripting Languages Matter
The reason why dynamic languages like Perl, Python, and PHP are so important is key to understanding the paradigm shift. Unlike applications from the previous paradigm, web applications are not released in one to three year cycles. They are updated every day, sometimes every hour. Rather than being finished paintings, they are sketches, continually being redrawn in response to new data.
The quote is great. What a fantastic perspective to present when choosing a technology stack for your next project!

The great write/compile/package/deploy does not work that well for the web apps. There is a need for agile/scripting approaches even in "enterprise" (non Web2.0ish) environment. There will come a time when waiting 3 weeks for a fix and re-deploy will not work for anyone.

Would love to build an app with groovy/grails or ruby/rails on the front and Java back end. Fully asynchronous, even-based, ESB/SOA... I think I may just get a chance.

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