Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello World!

I guess I should start with an introduction and a reason for you, dear reader to stop by back here and read the musing of another deranged blogger with Pinky and Brain aspirations.  So here we go.

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Dmitry Sklyut and I am a software developer/architect living a peaceful life in suburban Philadelphia.  I work here (and just in case:  "The opinions expressed on this blog represent my own and not those of my employer unless specifically stated in section 42 of ...” You get the picture...).  I work mostly with Java since around 1999, but was paid to write PowerBuilder (Remember Data Window??? Sight...) and MUMPS (don't ask) among other more standard things.

I am very into Spring Framework for its simplicity and productivity gains.  Been using it since version 1.1.  I like and use a lot of other open source technologies from Hibernate to Tomcat.  Lately I got very interested in OSGi.  Mostly for its ability to build modular applications and secondly for the deployment aspects.  On my plate is a shelf full of books to read, languages to learn and technologies to explore.

I did start writing a blog a while back but that went by the way of Dodo Bird.  This is my second attempt of providing some consistency to the endeavor.   This attempt has been triggered by my last project and I will blog about it later.

What type of content can you expect?  Technical, computery, and programy type of a stuff.  I will try to minimize the rambling.  Politics will not be discussed here, except in context of where to put the brackets in the code :)

So welcome again and stay tuned.

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